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high speed navigation


The SeaCross navigation system is a modular, scalable and fully integrated system specifically designed to meet the requirements for High Speed operations in littoral, coastal and open waters. Born in Scandinavia, the SeaCross system was developed based on extensive operation of high speed crafts in this exceptionally demanding navigational environment. 



The SeaCross System entails many unique capabilities that are specifically suited for a wide range of applications, from military and commercial to recreational and superyacht. Each system is adapted to customer needs by integrating an almost limitless number of new and existing sensors, expanding well beyond chart/radar navigation.

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navigation system

The SeaCross System is built around an intuitive, easy to use, fully customizable user interface, allowing pre-departure on shore route planning, or effective navigation at high speeds, in heavy seas and low visibility. After only a minimum amount of training, a navigator can access and use the full functionality of the system. 

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